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Scientific Calculator that allows users to write full mathematical expressions such as 5 * sqrt(2 - cos [2/9]). Allows arbitrary function definition.


skt_conn is an event-driven client-server communication interface for the C programming language. It takes advantages of multithreading to make function calls and asynchronously call handlers.


Graph application that allows to draw or insert different graphs and display different properties about it. Additionally, it calculates other graphs and paths.


Unix/Linux migration tool that prepares shadow file for migration in incompatible UNIX-like systems. It allows to specify account specific changes that are desired.


Unix/Linux utility that allow easy creation of multiple apache sites with one single command. It provides diverse functionality and allows creation of different types of sites.


The chatting social media. It was follow-follow social media project where chats were the main stream of communication. One could easy chat with anyone from anywhere if they had a chat.


Plain Text Database project that allows to store data in a plain text file. Takes advantage of object oriented programming to make data accessing and manipulation easy.


Udacity iOS Developer Nanodegree project app that allows to virtually travel anywhere in the world. The user specifies a location and the app loads images from there.


Udacity iOS Developer Nanodegree project app that allows Udacity students to share their location with other students on a map. Students can check the map and see the other students' locations.


Udacity iOS Developer Nanodegree project app that allows to create memes. The users can take a photo or select one from the album, and add text.

Papers and Documents

* Some of these papers and documents were modified for privacy protection.
Date Title Description Contributors Read
Jun 2019Linux Ubuntu DocumentationWPUNJ Ubuntu Server management guide.N/A
May 2019Artificial Neural Networks: Building More Accurate Models Of The Biological Neural SystemPaper on improvement of CNNs.Nicholas Traverso and Jeff Albanese
May 2019Mathematics and Computer Science Smart Child: ANNsPaper on inner-workings of Neural Networks.N/A
May 2019Different Hardware Architectures Used in Neural Networks for Deep Learning ApplicationsPaper on architecture used in ANNs.Alfredo Bautista
Apr 2019Migrating from Unix Solaris to UbuntuWPUNJ CS Servers migration guide.N/A
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